Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome to The Smile Makers Company

Yesterday my 5 year old grandson and I were enjoying some quality time in the "Imagination Station". (a.k.a the art room set up in my basement)

One result of our session was the spontaneous creation of "The Smile Makers Company". We have been exploring origami and wanted to create a Christmas ornament for Dimitri's Mama. There were lots of false starts. I had yet to successfully complete an origami project and was having difficulty comprehending the instruction booklet. Also, I was not smiling.

Years ago I attempted teaching myself to crochet and had the same trouble. Who writes those things anyway? Unwilling to be dissuaded, I went to the library and checked out "Teach Your Child to Crochet". Before you can say 'chain stitch' I was happily making scarves for everyone on my Christmas gift list.

Return to the present time Origami dilemma -
Aha! (light bulb moment) Let's check it out on the internet! Sure enough there are many web pages dedicated to teaching your child origami with lots of ideas and very clear instructions. We were smiling again.

As we imagined the smiles on his Mama's face, Dimitri had an inspirational moment of his own as he cheerfully exclaimed "We are The Smile Makers Company!" I wanted to remember this, so quickly made the banner with the title and smiles.

A product of his times, this brilliantly creative boy said "I'll upgrade it for you!" I was definitely smiling. He quickly set to work placing the eyes, the beautiful heart and other embellishments. It now proudly hangs on the wall inside the entrance to "The Imagination Station".

The idea to create a BLOG had been rattling around in my consciousness for some time. I also immediately recognized the suitableness of "The Smile Makers Company" as a title. I'll write more about the serendipity of that later.

My grandson is back home with Mama, who did indeed smile when she received her gift.

This evening I have overcome obtuse instructions, found a way to do what I wanted, started this new inspirational blog and am genuinely smiling from my heart.

Welcome to: The Smile Makers Company! What makes you smile?


Laura said...

What a fantastic concept! We need more positive energy in the world and this is a great place to start.

Finding my lost credit card made me smile!
Knowing Valerie is coming home for Christmas makes me smile!
AND.. this little poem...

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.
~Author Unknown

About Clare Goodwin said...

Thank you for contributing the very first comment.
And I love the poem! Spread those smiles. (())

Laura said...

There still isn't a block on the blog to leave a comment - I was only able to do it through the link you sent. BUT.. you have to go to and search for surprised kitten. IT's the CUTEST thing and will make you SMILE!!